The TENG Company’s research work aims to broaden English language literature in Chinese music and to explore innovative and inventive ideas. Members of TENG have contributed to academic journals, written papers and reviews, and published a book on Chinese orchestral instruments.

In 2015, we imported the eco-friendly 革胡 Gehu made by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra for The TENG Ensemble’s cellist. Having the 革胡 Gehu in the ensemble allows us to add new textures to our music and introduces this now rarely seen Chinese instrument to our audience.

QI – An Instrumental Guide to the Chinese Orchestra

QI – An Instrumental Guide to the Chinese Orchestra

Written entirely in English, ‘QI - An Instrumental guide to the Chinese Orchestra' written by Dr Samuel Wong and published in 2005, is the first English book about the instruments of the modern Chinese Orchestra.

The book has received excellent reviews and was reprinted within 2 years of it launch. Because it is written in English, it has brought comprehensive information on Chinese orchestral instruments to cities like New York, Germany, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and various other places worldwide.

It has also been used as a reference book for the GCE ‘A’ level music syllabus in Singapore and in compositional faculties overseas.

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The Electro-Acoustic Pipa

The Electro-Acoustic Pipa

We have supported the invention of the world’s first electro-acoustic pipa and are continuously pushing to reinvent our instruments.

A one-of-a-kind innovation, the electro-acoustic pipa is created by The Pipa Quartet and breaks new ground and makes creating cross-genre works on the pipa more effective.

Made in Singapore, the re-engineered pipa can now do what was previously unattainable with the traditional version, such as produce a dizzying array of custom sounds and distortion effects through volume and tone controls on the instrument. This brings about greater opportunities for the musicians to experiment and push boundaries with different genres of works to reach out to a wider audience.